There's a huge difference between just lifting weights....and training to win championships.


We have various backgrounds in sports and endurance events. From our experiences as athletes, and training other athletes, we know it takes sport-specific exercise and conditioning to make those small and difficult increases from one year to the next that actually make the difference between being a winner, and being a champion.

Sample HS Wrestling Program >>>>>>

Some school-based strength and conditioning programs are wonderful - periodized, sport-specific and progressive year-to-year with the goal of producing athletes that are optimized in their junior and senior campaigns. Others are not. Our goal is not to circumvent school programs, but to be an added source of quality training and instruction to those programs, especially in the off-season.

With all clients and athletes, we start from ground zero with assessments of functional movement as well as strength, conditioning and range of motion. A thorough health history and risk assessment is all done to make sure we initiate programming safely and can move progressively and aggressively towards specific goals. As with our personal training clients, we believe this is one of our primary differentiations from other programs. Working around existing injuries and past injuries and strengthening those weaknesses, in conjunction with primary care and physical therapy modalities, is a common occurrence and we focus daily on safety and injury prevention as well.

No two athletes are alike, just as no two sports are alike. We use evidence-based programming and research from the National Strength and Conditioning Association as the templates for programming each athlete, correcting exercise technique issues and turning weaknesses into strengths.

Nutrition is a huge part of success in the athletic realm. We know how hard it is to eat correctly and sufficiently in today's world and we  help each athlete design a "workable" plan around their school and other activities. We believe in teaching sound nutrition principles and preach against over-supplementation. The body human is designed to eat food, drink water and sleep 8-9 hours each night. Supplementation is on an as-needed basis and is athlete- and sport-specific.

Lastly, we know how difficult it is to be a student-athlete and the importance of goal-setting, organization and prioritization when striving for goals in life. Physical, mental and emotional "burnout" can happen to any of us at any time. Beyond the training relationship, we help mentor young athletes in finding that "balance" in all things that encompass their lives. Training and sports are just one part of the life they lead and we help keep all things in perspective

Our Mission - Each athlete - every day.....our full attention, passion and commitment to excellence.

Personal training, weight loss, nutrition, strength and conditioning
Personal training, weight loss, nutrition, strength and conditioning
Personal training, weight loss, nutrition, strength and conditioning