Obstacle Course Training/Small Group Training

Small Group Training

You asked for it, you got it! For those seeking group support, fun and accountability, the small group training program features all of the elements of my personal training programs, you just simply work with a group and perfrom a planned and progressive block of exercise together. I've found that this can be an enjoyable and fullfilling way to accomplish your exercise goals, not just for the participants, but for me as well! See below for a listing and explanation  of the elements of the program.

Small Group Training Dates and Times

The dates and times below can be either small group training or OCR Training - first come, first served. I will group people based on orthopedic status, present fitness level and/or other factors. The workouts will be 30-55 minutes in length, not counting warm-up and cool-down/flexibility. Members can begin their work for the day from start time to 30 minues into the session, but must clear the Group Fitness room at the end of session time and finish elsewhere in the facility as needed.


Assessment, Screening, Education and Goals

All small group and OCR paticipants are required to give a thorough health history and assessment and be evaluated with orthopedic screenings so that "like" people can be grouped together to maximize program safety, effiectiveness, efficiency and fun! The sceengings main purpose is to identify issues that need to be addressed in flexiblity and postural control so they can be corrected and any strength and cardiovascular fitness deficits that need to be specifically addressed at onset.


Eductation will be based on the Four Pillars:

Nutrition - Assessing your food and beverage intake with suggestions on initial modifications - not wholesale change - while adding in what Herbalife Nutrition would be prudent to fill in the gaps. I concentrate on natural foods and minimizing packaged foods and sugar.

Exercise/Activity - Everyone should engage in 150 minutes of exercise/activity each week to increase strength and stamina and to "feel" like they are supposed to feel. The possibilties here are endless and can be performed just about anywhere!

Sleep/Rest - Everyone should strive to sleep 7+ hours each day and plan rest periods during the day to reduce stress and chronic fatigue on the body that leads to sickness and/or weight gain.

Hydration - Sufficient hydration, day in and day out, is as important as the other 3 pillars and one of the most correctable.


With your health history and assessment in mind we will set initial goals individually and as a group using the SMART system. Goals must be:

Specific - Measureable - Attainable - Realistic - Time Specific




I will make modifcations based on how many people are interested and what there various "groupings" become once I get health assessments and screenings completed and know which days and times of day these people can train. Pricing will begin as follows and every person must committ to 90 days of training minimum. Fee is due at the 1st day of each 4 week training cycle:


OCR Training!!

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