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Personal training, by definition, should be personal. Our clients find success because we look at the whole of the client, not just food and exercise. As we take into account the whole, we find what works for each client, because no program works the same for everyone. We are educateed, certified and qualifed personal trainers in Spring Hill, TN. Give us a call!


Most of our clients have some weight loss goals and need some level of instruction in resistance training exercises. We take the time to progressively work them towards fairly intense, 30-40 minute training sessions that will burn the maximum amount of calories and work their bodies in multiple planes of motion with whole body exercise. We firmly believe that this is the way to train the body human.


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           Small Group Training

For those that don't need one-on-one attention or simply like to train with friends, small group training can be a fun alternative. Group training can help foster accountability and generate competition that can spur clients on to higher levels of fitness.

           Strength and Conditioning


There are limitless ways to train the body human. We take the time to build core strength and overall stability and then move clients towards training that involves the body as a whole - not broken down into parts like traditional bodybuilding workouts. With the use of kettle bells, medicine balls, physio balls, dumbbells, cables and simple body weight exercises, we teach our clients how to build a progressive training program they can take with them for a lifetime. To teach and correct, to educate and motivate - this is what we do.

For Athletes 

           Corporate Wellness


Our trainers have the education and experience to help any size business build a simple but comprehensive health and wellness program based on what your demographic needs, and what ownership wants. Our menu of options ranges from one-day seminars to year-long programs with health screenings, base measurements in any number of metrics and individual training programs tailored to each participant.


Workplace Health Promotion



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