New Beginnings Weight Loss Challenge!




The challenge starts this Saturday at 7 and 11am, Saturday, September 12th

and ends Saturday October 10th at Noon.





Challenge Details



I will be available every Saturday at HG Fitness to assist in workouts, planning your workouts for the week, discussing your nutrition plan and answering any questions you may have in person or by email or phone.

You will also receive educational emails and videos every 2 days covering a multitude of nutrition and health topics. We also may put together some other weekday or weekend workouts at the gym or wherever - we will let that organically develop over the course of The Challenge.


Those in the challenge willl commit to:

1. Making focused food and beverage choices using lean meats, fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy and whole grain products.

2. Completing 30 minutes of exercise/activity most days of the week, accumulating a minimum of 150 minutes.

3. Consuming half their bodyweight in ounces of water per day.

4. Accumulating 7+ hours of sleep each day.

5. Logging daily in


The goals of The New Beginnings Challenge are to:

1. Provide education, support and accountability for those seeking higher levels of health and fitness.

2. Introduce the Herbalife line of health and wellness products that we believe in so strongly.

3. Promote new friendships between those seeking healthier lifestyles.


Lastly, if you don not reside in the Spring Hill, TN area, I would very much like you to join the challenge where you are and I can provide Herbalife Healthy Meal products, workouts via pdf that you can pull up and use on your mobile device and additional support with food logging and exercise via


If you know of someone out of town that is in need of a fitness jump start, please share my contact info!!


Steps to Get Started


1. Click the link below and register. You will receive a confirmation email.

2. If you are in Spring Hill for the Challenge, we will use bodyweight and body fat percentage. If doing the Challenge remotely, choose your metric or metrics for The Challenge. This can be as simple as scale body weight or could be the addition of body fat % and girth measurements.

3. If working remotely, make sure we have those base metrics.

4. Set your goals for The Challenge. The should be SMART goals:

Specific - Measureable - Attainable - Realistic - Time Specific

Set goals for nutrition/weight loss or gain, exercise per week and that you will hydrate sufficiently each day and attain 7+ hours of sleep each night.

5. If you need help - ask!  If you have questions or concerns before or during The Challenge - ask!

Ready to sign up? Click the button below and let's do this thing!!