24 Fit Camps Challenge and Body Transformation

Spring Hill 24 Fit Camp - April 11, 2015

(It's Free!!)


Ready to get healthy, start working on your summer "look"? Then come see us at the Spring Hill 24 Fit Camp on Saturday, April 11 - 8am. Contact Ken Hughes for registration forms so you can show up ready to roll.

Location: HG Fitness or TBD

Time Frame: 4 workouts in 4 weeks, all metrics and fitness testing before and after!

What else?:

Workouts to do on your own at home or at the gym.

Nutritional guidance and support.

Fun and supportive people to help you get started on the path to a new you....and you might meet a few new friends along the way. :)


Register now, space is limited!!

The 24 Fit Team System


24 Fit Camp - this is a FREE, 4 week camp, to introduce you to whole body training and the Herbalife brand of nutrition, fitness and weight loss products. All of us have been using them successfully for the last 12 months and couldn't be more pleased. I have NEVER, in 15 years as a strength and conditioning specialist, aligned myself with ANY nutrition company. Herbalife is the REAL DEAL and whether you are trying to lose some unwanted weight or are working hard to add those higher levels of fitness, we have all the products you need. I use them every - single - day. This camp is mostly for beginnners, sedentary folks who are ready to change their lives!!!  The camps run first to last of month, every month, so contact me to register for the next one and when to come by to do measurements and other metrics. The Camp meets once per week at a designated location and you will have programmed workouts to complete on your own either at home or in a gym environment. Lastly, most everyone should join the free www.ichange.com application and log and learn with their food and beverage intake. I can monitor remotely to help anyone, anywhere!


24 Fit Team Level 1 (L1) - If you enjoyed Fit Camp (and you better have or I didn't do my job!), then you are ready to join a 24 Fit Team with people just like you....ready to move up the fitness ladder and possibly continue some weight loss. Fit Team L1 builds on the concepts learned in Fit Camp and lasts 4 weeks, 2 classes per week. As above, we will take base metrics and you will have workouts to complete on your own. This Team costs $50/month and lasts one month and the Herbalife products are still front and center in all of our efforts. Teams are forming, so contact me to jump in!


24 Fit Team Level 2 (L2) - Those that have completed L1, and those that already possess a good base of strength and fitness are ready for L2. Once again, we build on the previous level and the workouts become progressively harder.....but not longer. Weird!  One of the many things I would like to teach you is that training for hours at a stretch does not necessarily guarantee higher levels of strength and fitness and in most cases....is counter-productive!  It's not the "what" of the training as much as the "how". This team will meet for 60 days and the cost is $100 for that 60 days. All above still applies here....base metrics so we know where we are and where we're going!



24 Fit Racing Team Level 3 (L3) - When you've completed L2, you're read for the big boy and big girl stuff and if you've trained with me for the Tough Mudder....this is your team. The concept of progressive overload continues to help us track our workouts over the course of 8 to 12 weeks (depending on when the competition date is scheduled) and you'll be working hard and often, in group twice per week, with team mates and on your own during the week. You get the full blown version of how to prepare for race day at L3 and it's got everything the above levels have and more. Some people aspire to this level of fitness and some do not. We don't play around at L3, so if you're not willing to put on your work hat 4-5 days per week.....this ain't for you. :)


Upcoming Schedule


24 Fit Camp (4 weeks) - the next one starts Saturday April 11, 8am at HG Fitness, Spring Hill, TN.


24 Fit Team L1 - Forming teams at all times, contact for information. Must have 6 people minimum per team.


24 Fit Team L2 - Same as L2 teams


24 Fit Racing Team L3 - Ready to form whenever you have a race - let us know!


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