Tough Mudder 2014!


Well, the Tough Mudder is complete!  It was challenging, and the team of 20 at HG Fitness in Spring Hill, Tennessee, trained very hard for it and were rewarded for their efforts!  It was a long day in the saddle (4 hours), but we all made it, injury free and have wonderful memories of the course, the challenges and the team effort. It was a long 10 weeks of training and the Saturday workouts weren't much fun, but everyone did what they were supposed to do on their own and I believe all were glad they were fully trained for the event. In retrospect, maybe we trained a little too hard.....but we have great data to work from for our next progressive training cycle!




Team HG Fitness - Tough Mudder

Funky Monkey

Berlin Walls

The Mud Mile

10.2 miles is a long way.....

Artic Enema

Electro-Shock Therapy

Buddy Carry

Walk the Plank

Hay Bales

More Electro-Shock Therapy

Post-Race.....It is DONE!!!