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The initial steps of programming:


1. Conducting a competent health history, movement screen and combined assessment to clearly define "where you are" with past and present health issues, injuries/surgeries and getting a clear picture of the whole of your personal wellness reality.


The Four Pillars of Health and Wellness that I concentrate on are:


Nutrition - Assessing your food and beverage intake with suggestions on initial modifications - not wholesale change - while adding in what supplementation might be prudent to fill in the gaps. I concentrate on natural foods and minimizing processed foods and sugar.

Exercise/Activity - Everyone should engage in 150 minutes of exercise/activity each week to increase strength and stamina and to "feel" like they are supposed to feel. The possibilties here are endless and can be performed just about anywhere!

Sleep/Rest - Everyone should strive to sleep 7+ hours each day and plan rest periods during the day to reduce stress and chronic fatigue on the body that leads to sickness and/or weight gain.

Hydration - Sufficient hydration, day in and day out, is as important as the other 3 pillars and one of the most correctable.


2. With your health history and assessment in mind we will set initial goals together using the SMART system. Goals must be:

Specific - Measureable - Attainable - Realistic - Time Specific


3. Once your goals are in place for the next 30/60/90 days we will plan our your first week of modifications and action steps to begin on the road to a new healthier and happier lifestyle!

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